The City of Light has long lagged behind on the vegan level, with limited places. But in the last few years, a new wind has been blowing and there are more and more good vegan addresses in Paris!

Here is our best of for restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping.

The best vegan restaurants in Paris

Le potager de Charlotte

With now 2 addresses in Paris (9th and 17th), this family restaurant is our favorite for dinner. The menu changes with the seasons, while keeping references such as the avocado “hard-boiled egg style”. We love it!

12 rue de la Tour d’Auvergne, 75009 Paris
21 rue Rennequin, 75017 Paris

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Jah Jah

Run by the same team as Le Tricycle who had launched the food bike in Paris, their famous hot dog can be found in this restaurant of the 10th. But not only that. We especially love the tapas to share and the big gourmet bowls. And it’s all gluten-free!

11 rue des Petites Ecuries, 75010 Paris

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The Friendly Kitchen

The opening of this treasure in 2019 has changed our world! The refined, vegan and mainly gluten-free cuisine, will make you explore the flavors like in a starred restaurant, and in all simplicity.

We love the Saturday brunch – reservation required!

8 rue Popincourt, 75011 Paris

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La Palanche d’Aulac

When I came back from Asia, I dreamed of finding a vegan phô in Paris. I was more than fulfilled in this restaurant! Don’t miss the spring rolls, they are amazing.

13 rue Rodier, 75009 Paris

Very good and affordable, the cute Asian canteen Tien Hiang behind République, almost 100% vegan is not to be missed on your parisian trip.

14 rue Bichat, 75010 Paris.

Where to find vegan pastries in Paris

VG Pâtisserie

If you had to choose only one, it would be this one. French patisserie has been brilliantly adapted into a vegan version by Bérénice Leconte. You can find the Saint-Honoré, the Opera, but also traditional pastries (think pain au chocolat and croissant). Plus gluten-free options. A must!

123 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris

Cloud Cakes

The story began with divine vegan cupcakes and continues today in this chewy coffee shop. We go there as much for pastries as we do for lunch or coffee in the heart of Paris.

6 rue Mandar, 75002 Paris

A practical solution is the Landemaine bakery chain and its famous croissants. They opened the excellent Land& Monkeys in February 2020 at 86 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75011 Paris which we warmly recommend.

The best vegan burgers in Paris

The vegan burgers have landed in Paris for our greatest pleasure! Some even offer the Beyond Meat steak.

Hank Burgers

A must, open all year round and with an incredible vegannaise! We especially love the packaging that keeps our hands clean 🙂

55 rue des Archives, 75003 Paris
8 rue de Rochechouart, 75009 Paris

Season Square

In this vegan canteen near Station F, we love their generous burgers as much as their amazing cinnamon rolls! There are also bowls options for the healthier ones 🙂

3 rue Louise Weiss, 75013 Paris

A healthy vegan lunch in Paris

So Nat

In this pretty canteen in the 9th, the hardest part is to choose between the 3 bowls à la carte, all made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. And to resist – or not – the call for sweetness with one of the amazing cookies!

5 rue Bourdaloue, 75009 Paris
9 rue de Laborde, 75008 Paris


A tiny coffee shop where you feel good right away. You can enjoy fresh and well-seasoned bowls and toasts, and treat yourself to sweet desserts, especially the cinnamon roll!

101 rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris

Café Ginger

Hidden in a small street behind Bastille, we love the large vegetable plates of this café at midday (also open in the evening).

9 rue Jacques Coeur, 75004 Paris

Vegan Fashion in Paris


Come visit us in our workshop our office in Paris 11. Find our ethical and vegan fashion boutique in Paris in this former textile factory, a great coworking space.

81 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris


The first vegan fashion boutique in Paris, you’ll find everything you need to dress vegan. Clothes, bags, shoes, lingerie, jewellery… Find us there!

14 rue Jean Macé, 75011 Paris

Where to do your vegan groceries in Paris

Aujourd’hui Demain

Opened in 2017, the capital city’s first vegan concept store combines a grocery store, a restaurant and a fashion and cosmetics shop. We love the tacos and freakshakes!

42 rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Paris

Mon Épicerie Paris

The prettiest vegan grocery store in Paris, where you always get excellent product advice. From rare products such as Kalamak salt to vegan cheeses, it’s hard to go out empty-handed!

31 rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris

Un Monde Vegan

The first ever vegan food shop in Paris, it is an essential source of soy protein, mock meat and other essential ingredients for a vegan kitchen.

64 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris

There are also the Vegan Naturalia, which are always practical:

39/41 rue Richer, 75009 Paris
39 rue Merlin, 75011 Paris
149 rue de Rome, 75017 Paris
43 avenue de Paris, 94300 Vincennes

Now that you have the addresses, all that’s left to do is choose and feast cruelty-free!