Naturally, we use eco-friendly materials

We substituted animal leather with Piñatex®, a revolutionary sustainable material made with recycled pineapple leaf fibers. We always favor materials that already exist, are recycled or organic to always better our impact.

About the microfiber we use, we understand the lukewarm impact of cotton on the environment. We are looking to replace it with a plant-based material. Keep posted, it’s coming very soon!

Kind production, an evidence

I choose local production not only to preserve the know-hows, but also for an ecological purpose to limit carbon impact. Beyond being French, it was important that production have a positive impact.

Kind production is not only about materials. What matters more is the people. This is the reflection that led me to discover insertion workshops that allow persons that have drifted from employment to gain back a job and confidence.

Logo de PeTA - Approved Vegan

All our products are certified PeTA-Approved Vegan.

WWoW est membre 1% For The Planet

To go further in our commitment, we choose to give back 1% of our revenue to organisations we believe in through the philantropic mouvement 1% For The Planet.

Naturally, Upcycling and Zero Waste objective

Coherence is very important to us, and we thus pursue a zero waste objective. As we mostly use recycled material, it’d be a shame to end up throwing waste when it can be used.

It all started with the cardholder’s notch, shaped as half-moons. Instead of throwing them, I figured they would look nicer worn as earrings. Thus was born the first pair of earrings, before other jewels joined the collection.