Products and Care

What material do you use? 
All WWoW products are made with plant-based material and don’t include no animal product. We offer a real eco-friendly and quality alternative to animal leather : material that is pineapple-based (made from recycled plant fibers), lining made from recycled plastic bottles, recycled cotton and recycled polyester. To know more about the materials we use you can see our special page.

Are your materials environment-friendly? 
We choose materials with the lowest impact on the environment. All our materials are plant-based, and/or upcycled. We now avoid materials made from petrochemistry. We are always looking for new plant-based and sustainable materials.
Piñatex® is our main material, and although the fibers come from the Philippines, its global impact is 3x less important than vegetable tanned leather (supposedly very eco-friendly, but its impact is barely inferior to that of chrome leather – CQFD).

How can I care for my Piñatex® product? 
1/ Clean your product thoroughly and effectively using a cloth soaked in warm soapy water (if your item is heavily soiled, you can rinse with lukewarm water but never fully submerge the product as this will cause irreversible damage) or with a specialised eco-friendly product like this one.
2/ Let your item dry before any application is made.
3/ We recommend using a natural colorless wax for your product. Apply a small amount to a dry, soft cloth and rub sparingly over the textile.
4/ Leave your product to dry naturally for 24 hours after application.
5/ You can also buff the wax off with a dry cloth or soft brush.

Is Piñatex® waterproof?
Piñatex® is water-resistant, not waterproof. We choose not to apply any waterproof product to maintain a natural product. If you want to waterproof your accessory, we recommend regular application of a waterproofing eco-friendly spray like LiquiProof Protector.

Is Piñatex® a strong material? 
Piñatex® is made by recycling pineapple plant leaf fibers. These patches are actually so strong, they cannot be composted, and are usually thrown away or burnt. They are very resistant, and so is Piñatex®.
Like for everything in life, to prolonge the life of your bag, take care of it and treat it like a friend, not overloading it. Your back will be grateful too.

Where do you manufacture your products?  
All our accessories are handmade in France, mainly near Paris, in fair trade partner workshops. We now work with 3 workshops employing persons in a back-to-work program, and 2 protected workshops employing persons with a handicap.
The jewels are all handmade in Paris by the designer and independent women jewellers.

Order and Payment

Can I change my order after placing it? 
You can add or delete articles from your basket as long as your order isn’t placed. Once your order is validated, you will need to cancel it fully if you wish to modify a product. If you want to change your delivery address, contact us as soon as possible by indicating your order number at

Is it safe to order online? 
Yes, absolutely! Our online payment system is secured with a certificate and you can pay without fear.

What means of payment do you accept?
We accept credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You can also place your order with PayPal, with or without an account.

Delivery and Returns

Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, shipping is free for Metropolitan France (Corsica included), Monaco and Andorra. Anywhere else, shipping costs will apply and will be added at the time of payment.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we deliver all over the world. Delivery is free in Metropolitan France. For the rest of the world, the delivery cost depends according to the country and the service you chose. What is the difference between Tracked Mail and Colissimo? Tracked Mail is used on a simple package. You will be able to track your order, but there is no guarantee associated with this service. It is not available for bags. Colissimo provides a higher service: you can track your order and there is a guarantee if your order is lost.

Do you accept exchanges and returns?
Yes, we accept exchanges and returns, within the legal delay of 14 days from the date you receive your order. We don’t offer free return outside of France, unless the order is non-compliant. ** Covid-19 Update: the return delay is extended to 45 days after your order. **

How can I do an exchange or return a product?
If you wish to exchange or return one or more products of your order, you can contact us at by telling us your order number. We will look together for the best solution and will provide you, if necessary, a return voucher.

Your question didn’t get answered?
You can email us at or contact-us on Instagram or Facebook, and we will answer you as soon as possible!