The story of a commitment

It was during an initiatory trip around South-East Asia that Salomé, the founder, first had the idea to create WWoW. She realized how crafts could significantly improve women’s living conditions, and played a significant role in the heritage of know-hows. After a couple jobs in the fashion industry in France, this travel triggered a change. She saw how fashion can create value beyond its financial aspect. It would now be her motto.

Back in France, she creates WWoW with the firm intention of giving back to community. She chooses to trust an insertion workshop near Paris to produce the first collection.

As she went vegan, this new ethical and environmental awareness is translated into the brand, that is fully PeTA-Approved Vegan. WWoW uses materials with a double criteria of being both plant-based and with a low environmental impact.

Portrait of Salomé Dratwa, the founder of WWoW
Portrait of WWoW founder, Salomé Dratwa

The story of a community

On November 9th 2016, the project became a reality on Ulule thanks to THEM :

Sylviane K, Danièle T, Elisabeth G, Judith D, Rosalie D, Carole H, Anaïs R, Caryne Z, Lucyna G, Fabienne D, Daniel D, Richard K, Nicole D, Mireille M, Judith W, Pauline D, Muriel C, Alexandre L, Bob B, Max D, Eliane B, Reuven B, Françoise R, Linda M, Jim D, Marine M, Annette S, Roxane S, Laurent C, Hong Mai V, Stella E, Raphaël D, Anaïs M, Suzy S, Pauline S, Clémentine G, Carine D, Louis B, Laetitia B, Reine et Philippe R, Laurence T, Héléna L, Sabrina Z, Chloé X, Marta P, Marie D, Hortense D, Carolina H, Juliana K, William S, Valentine E, Anita G, Emilie Q, Lucie C, Amandine S, Clémence L, Aurélie C, Fanny K, Marie T, Mélanie C, Daniel C, Magnethik, Amélie D, Sarah B, Lise B, Shérif S, Chloé L, Renaud S, Sébastien C, Maxime T, Nitzan B, Aline Q, Aline F, Mathilde D, Danielle D, Malika B, Anke V, Katia Q, Michelle F, Aziz A, Alexandra L, Constance L, Quentin B, Nicky D, Mirale G, Dalia Z, Anna S, Amokrane A, Isabelle S, Geneviève B, Attika T, Alexandra G, Caroline F, Aude B, Anne G, Oumou T, Harold P, Michel K, Marie L, Vered K, Muriel C, Pierre M, Olivia P, Martine S, Carine M, Rachel D, Gisèle B, Emmanuel J, Elodie L, Thomas L, Sophie G

The story of a shop


From 2017, WWoW had its office at Les Grands Voisins. In April 2018 the opening of the shop was a new milestone.

The shop lcated in the Galerie de l’Oratoire of Les Grands Voisins, former Saint-Vincent de Paul Hospital (Paris 14) is as transparent as the brand. Second-hand furniture and diverted furniture are used, and the workshop part where accessories are created and prototyped can be seen. Clients and visitors are immersed in the creative process.

As the project of Les Grands Voisins came to an end in September 2020, the shop is now closed. However, you can come and meet us in our new Parisian office in the 11th arrondissement.

Découvrez l'atelier boutique aux Grands Voisins