Every six months it’s the same old system: it seems impossible to take more than a few steps in the street without seeing brightly colored signs with their numbers that look sweetly at our good people’s wallets.
” 50% off on everything”
“Up to 70% off.”

How can we resist this call?


What a bargain we’d make! To be able to have these clothing wonders that we’ve been looking at with our eyes since the beginning of the season, finally we could manage to get it without giving too much money to the brands! Would we win the eternal consumer vs. brand duel?

Ehhhh no!

giphy (1).gif

You knew that.
This article is not to announce some discounts, but rather to give you an update on the sales system and what WWoW is trying to do with it.
I used to work in ready-to-wear, so I know a little bit about it.

In reality, it is very rare that a product sells at a high price. Between private sales in stores, loyalty discounts and other seasonal promotions… There are so many offers, brands sometimes have trouble finding items that sold just once at their full price (when the fraud squad asks them to do so).

Consumer fashion is not meant to be sold at full price. This price only serves to set a benchmark in the consumer’s mind. As the old saying goes, “the more expensive the better”. The same spirit that makes us buy bad bottles of wine because the label is more beautiful (read “expensive”).
And brands make a bigger margin, which they can use to pay for the 4x3m ads that decorate our beautiful avenues and cherished subway platforms.

I’m getting lyrical, but you get the idea. There are exceptions, but usually fashion brands will inflate their prices during the year to ensure profitable margins, and make us believe that we’re getting a good deal during sales. In fact the real price is in the middle between be the official price and the sale price.

The true sale is on the salary of textile workers.

Let us not forget that the real sales are made by fast fashion brands on the salaries of women textile workers in countries where minimum wages are not necessarily the rule.

Unlike those brands, WWoW seeks to pay more, and not less, the women who make your accessories.

Porte-carte slim Terra en Piñatex Argenté avec tissu Gris Montagnes
Our Terra card holder in Piñatex with organic cork, Made in France.

Our desire is to offer you the accessories you need at a fair price, allowing us to pursue our mission of empowering women. We don’t inflate our prices and then reduce them during sales. We avoid certain unnecessary costs such as those that beautify our streets, and we limit our distribution to the shops we really like. And, we rely on you to spread the word about WWoW around you.

When we decide to stop the production of a product, we reduce its price. Its usually just a few pieces that you can find in the Last Chance section of our shop. It’s not to offer you the same product at full price just a few weeks after.

What’s your take on sales? Do you expect them? Do you dread them?
Let us know in the comments!