We make beautiful products made with love and ethics in France

The story

It was during an initiatory trip to South-East Asia that our founder, Salomé, realized the importance of crafts in improving women’s life conditions, and transmitting know-how. After working at various fashion jobs in France, something clicked during this travel: fashion can create value, and not only on a financial level. It’s been her motto ever since.

When she got back to France, she created WWoW with the firm will to give back to community, and decided to produce with a workshop operating a back-to-work program, mainly for migrant women, near Paris.

A pesco-vegetarian since 2005, she went vegan during the travel, and this ethical and environmental understanding translates into the brand, that has been certified PETA-Approved Vegan from its beginnings. So WWoW uses materials that are both plant-based, and with a low environmental impact.

Our values

Design before anything

Aesthetics: the beauty of geometry

We create, design and prototype all the products in Paris with our fellow leather craftswoman who agreed to apply her skills to vegan materials, as a conscious alternative to leather. WWoW products are timeless so you can use them years after years, not caring about the season.

Our main inspirations come from art and geometry. We love structured lines, yet sometimes with ruptures. Our designs include rounds, squares and triangles. We see beauty in geometry and love both structure and roundness.

Solidarity: doing Good

We chose to have our products manufactured by professional integration workshops in France. The materials are brought to the workshops, where the persons, mostly migrant women, cut and assemble the pieces to make our bags and accessories.

We now work with 3 integration workshops near Paris and Cholet (44). And also 2 workshops employing people with a handicap in Paris.

It is very important for us to work with these special workshops, as they are essential for people to build new lives.

Made in France in social workshops

Plant-based and recycled materials.

Ecology: live in harmony

Choosing materials with the lowest environmental impact is our number one concern. So we always use natural or recycled materials.

We first found a microfiber with a majority of cotton. But, ever since we discovered Piñatex®, we have been mostly using it. Indeed, WWoW was the first French brand to use Piñatex®, a solid, lightweight and durable leather alternative made from recycled pineapple leaf fibers.