We are WWoW and we support Girl Power


3 words to simply qualify our philosophy that is simple, efficient and transparent.


I choose directly the textiles from the women weavers, or from local stockists. I work according to fair trade principles, buying the production before receiving it.

The production is then made near Paris, in social workshops employing persons recovering their way to regular employment, or integrating in society with their disability. The goal is to always put forward the persons making the accessories, and to favorise their insertion into society.


No animal material is used : WWoW is PeTA-Approved Vegan.

We choose materials that have the lowest environmental impact. For faux leather, we chose a microfiber that is made with a majority of cotton, and could be soon replaced by apple recycled fibers. We always try to recycle waste and use natural or recycled materials. WWoW was the first French brand to use Piñatex®, an amazing material as resistant as animal leather, made from upcycled pineapple leaf fibers.

We are on a mission to get to Zero Waste, and recycle our offcuts to make small accessories, like our Donna earrings !


We want our products to be affordable, so we don’t artificially raise our prices to lower them during the sales. The sales are only on our prototypes or the small factory mistakes.

More importantly, for every product you buy, we donate 5% to empower women, through associations we partner with.

The Sorority principle is very strong. As the cutting of the ethnic fabrics is done by the makers, each product is unique, and creates a link between all women : from making to using, a real chain of women is created.