WWoW offers plant-leather goods and jewels, designed and handmade in France with love and solidarity by persons in professional insertion.

WWoW is committed to women empowerment and environnement protection, by using only eco-friendly materials and through its membership to the 1% For The Planet global movement. We mostly use Piñatex®, a material made of recycled pineapple leaf fibers, and our offcuts are transformed into accessories in a zero waste objective.

Bags, Small Goods, Jewels… each one of our products participate in creating a world that is more respectful of Humans, and in harmony with Nature.

The creation process

The products are imagined, designed and prototyped in Paris with our fellow leather craftswoman, before being given to our partner workshops. We bring the materials to the workshops, where the persons in the back-to-work program cut them, and assemble them. These persons always have precious advice. As an anecdote, it is thanks to Nassima that we added a tricolor ribbon inside the passport covers!

We always choose quality over quantity, and this is why we produce limited series. Our products are timeless and disconnected from seasons. Our objective is to always develop new products that are a serious alternative to leather, according to your requests.

Our impact

We seek to have the lowest environmental impact possible. So, all our products are PETA-Approved Vegan certified, as we replaced animal leather with Piñatex®, a revolutionary natural and durable material made from pineapple leaf fibre.
We always opt for materials that are already existant, recycled or organic, to keep on bettering our impact.

To go further in our commitments, we choose to give 1% of our revenue to causes we care about, through 1% for the Planet.

T*H*A*N*K*S to all our backers on Ulule

Nothing would have been possible without THEM :

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