The Brand


WWoW is the reference for veganfeminine and made in France brand of accessories.

It is the outcome of my dream : to have a positive impact on the world through fashion, being transfigured by this engaged act. 

It’s easy : the products are designed in our workshop in Paris with our leather craftswoman, then made by wonderful women in an insertion program right outside of Paris. 

Each collection is made by integrating ethnic textiles that we sourced as closely as possible from the artisan women. It enables us to highlight local know-hows and to ensure handmade traditions are continued. We work with partners moved by the same values we hold : women’s empowerment, employment of marginalized persons, protection of traditional know-hows.

In the end, WWoW is the alliance of cruelty-free material with the most beautiful textiles in the world. Made by women, for women.

In 3 words : Feminine, Ethical, Responsible.



T*H*A*N*K*S to all our backers on Ulule

Nothing would have been possible without THEM :

Sylviane K, Danièle T, Elisabeth G, Judith D, Rosalie D, Carole H, Anaïs R, Caryne Z, Lucyna G, Fabienne D, Daniel D, Richard K, Nicole D, Mireille M, Judith W, Pauline D, Muriel C, Alexandre L, Bob B, Max D, Eliane B, Reuven B, Françoise R, Linda M, Jim D, Marine M, Annette S, Roxane S, Laurent C, Hong Mai V, Stella E, Raphaël D, Anaïs M, Suzy S, Pauline S, Clémentine G, Carine D, Louis B, Laetitia B, Reine et Philippe R, Laurence T, Héléna L, Sabrina Z, Chloé X, Marta P, Marie D, Hortense D, Carolina H, Juliana K, William S, Valentine E, Anita G, Emilie Q, Lucie C, Amandine S, Clémence L, Aurélie C, Fanny K, Marie T, Mélanie C, Daniel C, Magnethik, Amélie D, Sarah B, Lise B, Shérif S, Chloé L, Renaud S, Sébastien C, Maxime T, Nitzan B, Aline Q, Aline F, Mathilde D, Danielle D, Malika B, Anke V, Katia Q, Michelle F, Aziz A, Alexandra L, Constance L, Quentin B, Nicky D, Mirale G, Dalia Z, Anna S, Amokrane A, Isabelle S, Geneviève B, Attika T, Alexandra G, Caroline F, Aude B, Anne G, Oumou T, Harold P, Michel K, Marie L, Vered K, Muriel C, Pierre M, Olivia P, Martine S, Carine M, Rachel D, Gisèle B, Emmanuel J, Elodie L, Thomas L, Sophie G