LCI La Matinale Weekend_Delia Noir Noir
The Black Delia Passport Cover on television during the La Matinale Weekend show on LCI channel

It has always seemed obvious to me to produce locally. Not only to value the know-hows, but also with the ecological concern of reducing our carbon impact. Yet, beyond the choice to produce in France, it was important that our production have a positive impact.

The creation process

The products are first imagined, drawn and prototyped in Paris with a bag specialist. Then we bring the patterns, materials and directions to our partner insertion workshops, where the women will cut, assemble and sew the products. The people working in the workshops are precious ressources. It is thanks to Nassima that we added a tricolor ribbon inside the passport cover!

We always favor quality over quantity, which is why we produce limited series. Our products are timeless and can be used and worn all year long. We develop new products depending on your requests, that are real fast-fashion alternatives.

Nassima is making the Delia passport cover in Saint-Denis, France.

Zero Waste and Upcycling

All our earrings are cut in our Piñatex offcuts.

To complete the circle, we pursue a zero waste objective. As we mostly use recycled materials, it makes more sense to not end up throwing fabrics.

It all started with Terra cardholder’s notch, shaped as half-moons. Instead of throwing them, I figured they would look nicer worn as earrings. Thus was born the first pair of earrings, before other jewels joined the collection.