Piñatex® Earrings Silver Half Moons Donna

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It looks like metal, yet these little stud earrings are made of Gold Piñatex®, the amazing leather alternative made of pineapple leaf fibers!

Made from the offcuts of our production, they have the shiny touch all the while remaining discreet in a minimalist-chic style. Their geometric shape will suit you so well!


Height : 1 cm.

Nickel-free mount, made in France.

Advise: Piñatex® is water resistant, but not waterproof so … take your earrings off before taking a bath!

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 1.6 × 0.8 cm
Who made it?

These earrings were handmade by the designer in her Paris workshop.


Piñatex® (80% pineapple leaf fibres, 20% PLA).
Nickel-free mount made in France.


1,6cm x 0,8cm (0,6" x 0,3").