Ethnic Piñatex Cork Earrings

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Piñatex Earrings Ethnic Cork and Gold, graphic and chic. Made in France with our production scraps of Piñatex®, they are as light for your ears as they are for the environment.

We love this version in Golden Cork and Golden Piñatex® for everyday or for a night out. The sparkle in the Cork makes all the difference.


Height : 3cm
Width : 3cm

Large hoop earrings in golden brass, nickel free, made in France.


We are an ethical brand, and only use plant-based material. This is how we chose Piñatex, an innovative textile made by recycling pineapple leaf fibers, combining lightness and sturdiness. The earrings collection was born from our production scraps. They’re as light as they are graphic.

Suggestion : While Piñatex® is water-resistant, it is not waterproof so .. don’t swim with your earrings !

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 cm
Qui l'a fait?

Ces boucles d'oreilles ont été fabriquées à la main par une jeune bijoutière à Houilles (78).


Liège + Piñatex® (80% fibres de feuilles d'ananas, 20% PLA).
Créoles en laiton, sans nickel, dorées en France.


Cork & Gold

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Ethnic Piñatex Cork Earrings

Ethnic Piñatex Cork Earrings