Delia Piñatex Passport Cover Black & Mulberry * New!

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The Delia passport cover made of Piñatex® will keep and protect your passport during your travels. You can slide your plane tickets and cards in the inner compartments made of Cork. Everything is in the same place!

This Black and Mulberry version, is a classic and will please both men and women.

Color: Black & Mulberry
  • Delia Passport cover in Piñatex Cork Black
  • Delia passport cover Black and gold Piñatex
  • Delia Passport cover Piñatex Black Paprika open view
  • Delia Passport cover in Piñatex Cork Black and Silver
  • Delia passport cover mulberry and gold Piñatex
  • Delia passport cover Paprika and gold Piñatex

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You’re going to love the Mulberry Delia passport cover, with its graphic and sophisticated look. Made with Piñatex® and Cork, our favorite plant-based materials, it’s your perfect accessory for an ethical travel.


  • 3 inner compartments, to store 1 or 2 passports.
  • Dimensions : 10 x 14 cm (3.9″ x 5.5″).
  • Handmade in France, near Cholet, by persons in professional integration.
  • Materials: Black Piñatex®, Mulberry Piñatex®, Organic Cork from Portugal. Piñatex® is made of recycled pineapple leaf fibres.
  • Delivered in a reusable cardboard box.
  • Color: Black & Mulberry, a timeless version for all genders.

Every product is handmade and unique! Yours can therefore be slightly different from the photo, according to the Cork’s cutting.

The inspiration

This passport cover is named after Delia Akeley (1869 – 1970), the first woman explorer who crossed the African continent. We hope it will be your go-to accessory to follow her path and discover the world.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 14 cm
Qui l'a fait ?

This passport cover was handmade by persons on an integration trail in France, near Cholet.


10cm x 14 cm.


Cork, Piñatex EN


Black & Mulberry

Delia Piñatex Passport Cover Black & Mulberry * New!

Delia Piñatex Passport Cover Black & Mulberry * New!