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Carried in a shoulder strap for an active day, or by hand for a more dressed touch, the Cassie bag has more than one trick in it. He will adapt to your life, and go from party bag to shoulder bag in a magic carabiner!

With or without shoulder strap, it will be up to you to choose whether you go for a walk or a dance. Keep open doors, and take your Cassie in a bigger bag. Between wind and tide, she will be your ally.


You liked the kit in Black and Liege, here is the bag of the same tones! It will be the perfect pouch to bring a touch of golden glow to your outfits!

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 24 × 18 cm
Qui l'a fait?

Cette pochette a été fabriquée par les femmes de l'atelier Femmes Actives à St Denis, en France. C'est Rachida qui est la spécialiste de vos pochettes !


Extérieur : Cuir Vegan (55% Coton, 45% Polyuréthane), Liège Biologique du Portugal.
Doublure : 40% NewLife PET, 30% Coton Recyclé, 30% Polyester Recyclé.

Bijouterie dorée, et chaine dorée bandoulière amovible.


24cm x 18cm.
Longueur de la chaine : 110cm.

Cassie Black and Cork – Sold out

Cassie Black and Cork – Sold out