Piñatex Products

Let us introduce you to our goods made from Piñatex TM, a textile material as resistant as leather but made from nature!

Made from 80% pineapple leaf fibers, this material is full of good surprises !


Discover how this amazing material is made!

Les feuilles utilisées pour faire le Piñatex sont celles du plant d'ananas, sur lequel poussent les fruits ananas
The leaves used to make Piñatex are the one from the plant, upon which grow the pineapple fruits.


Une fois les feuilles récoltées, elles sont rassemblées pour triage.
After being harvested, the leaves are gathered together to be sorted out.


Les feuilles sont ensuite décortiquées pour en extraire la fibre.
The leaves are then peeled to extract the fiber.


The pineapple fibers are dried by the sun before being transformed.


Dernière étape, les fibres sont transformées en Espagne pour leur donner leur aspect
Last step, the fibers are transformed in Spain to give them their particular look!