We are WWoW and we support Girl Power


Freedom. Equality. Sorority.

3 words to simply qualify our philosophy that is simple, efficient and transparent.


We want everyone one of us girls to be free to do whatever she wants. Without anyone constraining her in her choices. Nor obliging her to do what she doesn’t want to. Freedom to be a woman. Freedom to wear whatever one wants, according to one’s personality. Freedom to be yourself. Freedom to think, ponder and make the right decisions – or not.


We consider all beings to be equal. Men and Women. But also Humans and Animals. We believe we all share the same Earth planet, and consequently we all share our habitat. We think that this housing has to be made sharing the space and letting everyone the place to Be. For us, speciesism is outdated and only anti-speciesism can be.
Men. Women. Animals.
We’re all Equals.


We believe in women empowering women. With no link to whatsoever religion, we believe in the profound goodness of each woman and her capacity to offer a hand when another fellow woman is needing it. The very same hand that will congratulate in the moments of victory, wipe the tears that could come, and that will hold the sides in the big laughters.

The hand, a symbol of creation but also of the humanity of each and everyone of us.